04 July, 2010

My Best Friend Bot

I collaborated with a couple of my friends on this photo shoot, the Mumbai based film director and fashion photographer Rohan Michael Hoole and Melbourne based stylist Elice Blakeny.  I worked on creating the sets and props (as well as offering some of my wardrobe and my hair and makeup skills).  The concept of the shoot was of a lonely girl, some time in the distant future, ordering and making herself a robot best friend who could do all the things a friend did- knitting, celebrating a birthday, watching a movie etc.

I began the whole process by creating a mood board that would capture the vibe of the shoot- Blade Runner meets Frankie magazine.I managed to fit in a couple of images from  Woody Allen's 'Sleeper'. Too funny- that film is genius. I love doing this kind of thing- concepts and image boards.

One of the props I made was the robot's belt (best seen in the first image) made from recycled computer parts and cardboard.  I made it as the 'hub' of the robot- where a tv screen could attach to, streamers could pop from and yarn could unreel on.

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