20 April, 2012

Ceramic Vase - Indian Block Prints

I started to experiment with the collection of timber fabric wood blocks that I bought in India with the ceramics I have been working on. I love the subtle result of this pattern on the vase I threw on the wheel.

17 April, 2012

Ceramic Tea Set

So I'm just going to put it out there. I had a 4 month gap between posts. Shocking I know. Even this sloth was making me feel guilty. For my hundreds of fans all I can say is SORRY. I haven't been lazy, there have been many things in the pipeline, articles being written, ceramics being thrown and glazed, magical trips to Brazil, folio work sucking me dry and it hasn't been until now that any of it has come to fruition. It's just the creative process. But I recently took a few bits and piece out of the kiln, including this little tea set and jug and am able to finally post something! I love this glaze (F4R3) it's so Japanese-y and gorgeous.