17 May, 2010

Print-on Plaster

I had been working with plaster for my job- creating different imprints into the plaster to test textures for a concrete wall which might have abstract fossils etched into it's facade.  I was loving working with it as a material- it was just so much fun getting my apron on and my hands dirty and water everywhere (and I'm sure everyone in the studio was JUST as enthusiastic as I was about the whole process too).  So I decided to keep the fun going by making these little brooches for my jewelery lovin (and makin) friend Bosco (http://francescaloveheart.com/).

16 May, 2010

The Lost Art of Letters

I salvaged a stack of paper from an architectural firm I was working for a few years back after they changed their address and the letterhead went out of date.  The paper stock was so nice I just couldn't let it go in the bin- so I chopped off the letterhead and ended up keeping hundreds of sheets which i decided to print on and use as letter writing paper and to make little sketchbooks with.

15 May, 2010

The Girl and the Hummingbirds

I produced this illustration for the exhibition 'Fundrailslinn' at the Helen Gory Gallery Prahran (Melbourne) last year.

14 May, 2010

Bird(th)day Present

So what do you get for the girl who has nothing??... Mmh there were probably so many things that Karina needed more than a flat pack bird sculpture but HEY they were just too boring to think about.  So a flat pack bird it was.