17 May, 2010

Print-on Plaster

I had been working with plaster for my job- creating different imprints into the plaster to test textures for a concrete wall which might have abstract fossils etched into it's facade.  I was loving working with it as a material- it was just so much fun getting my apron on and my hands dirty and water everywhere (and I'm sure everyone in the studio was JUST as enthusiastic as I was about the whole process too).  So I decided to keep the fun going by making these little brooches for my jewelery lovin (and makin) friend Bosco (http://francescaloveheart.com/).

I had also concurrently collected some images in my sketchbook of some jewelery and tiles which seemed to work with similar ideas of imprints and geological forms.  They are so beautiful and they make me want to explore the medium and the idea further.  the whole thing reminded me of Athens -not the horrible stalky men whose full time job seemed to be harrassing women- but the way the whole city felt like a war zone, with buildings being torn down and imprints of the rooms left behind on the remaining shared walls. There was so much poetry in that graininess.

I wasn't really thinking about graininess when I wrapped the whole thing up in a pink ribbon but I think it suits the pastel colours and the birthday girls general vibe. Oh i love a good handmade box wrapped in ribbon.


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