01 June, 2010

Stack Stand

I once spent over $250 on knitting machine yarn. And I didn't even have a job. And then about 2 weeks later I went to the Bentleigh op-shop and found even better colours for $2 a cone (that's how yarn comes, in cones). Mustard yellow! Texta Orange! Aggressive Beige.  It was all there- thanks probably, to someone dying. (Sorry, but it's true and I'm sure that whoever she is, she'd be glad I was using them well because her son/daughter OBVIOUSLY had no idea of their value.)  I still have the yarn and it still comes in handy for all sorts of things.  Including holding together bits of cardboard to make a computer stand.

When you work from a laptop you really need one of these things otherwise you end up spending waaaay to much at the Chinese doctor getting acupuncture on your neck and shoulders, but you do become really good friends with the Chinese doctor. Not good enough friends that you would hang out on the weekend, more the kind of friends where you say a big hi in the street if you bump into each other.
So I had what I thought was STACKS of cardboard- definately enough to stack up a whole heap of card to sit my computer on, but then I started making the thing and I realised half way through, like the meticulous and well organised designer that I am, that I most certainly did not have enough carboard and I would have to adjust the design to fit the materials.

So it has a big whole in the middle of it, which is covered up by a delightful wrapping of coloured yarn. But I think it works. And it's a step towards cleaning up my studio space.

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