14 May, 2010

Bird(th)day Present

So what do you get for the girl who has nothing??... Mmh there were probably so many things that Karina needed more than a flat pack bird sculpture but HEY they were just too boring to think about.  So a flat pack bird it was.

We had just moved house and had bought the requisite carload of IKEA furniture and there was all of this beautiful cardboard left forlorn and helpless on our garage floor.  As I also have a bit of a penchant for both flat back constructions and cardboard- it's the years of architecture model making that has brainwashed me- there was really just no other option.

But it got me thinking- why doesn't EVERY Ikea box come with a free flat pack cut-out sculpture? Obviously giving away stuff for free doesn't really fit in with many business plans but it really could be amazing- and a great incentive to buy? You could have different designers getting their names behind it, it would be sustainable and you could advertise on them in some way (if you were into that kind of thing, which let's face it, Ikea probably is). Now I just need to get in touch with Ingvar Kamprad....

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