12 July, 2010

Birdy Num Nums

I spent the last week house-sitting for my wonderful friend Louisa in her beautiful home in a gorgeous inner city suburb of Melbourne.  It felt like I was on holiday in my own city- it was fabulous!  I was able to just hunker down and work away on my architectural projects without any distraction.  It was any Etsy-loving woman's dream- countless cups of tea, Genius' Nina Simone playlist (I'll never tire of loving iTunes Genius.  I wish I was getting payed for that plug...) and the sweetest little cat imaginable.  I never realised how small a cooking repotoire I really need to feel sated, and just how much butter I get through weekly... (!?)  So in order to pay my thanks to my friend I decided to make her a little card.  My initial fashion illustration attempts failed miserably (A sure sign I am not drawing enough!) so I drew these two little birds for her instead.

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