16 June, 2010

The Great Divide

I feel kinda bad.  Asuka sits opposite me in the studio and I just put a divider between our desks.  I just hope she knows it's because I want to put some inspiration images up around me and not because I don't want to talk to her.  Because she is very nice.

Like all of my little projects I used what is cheap, recycled and at hand- so more cardboard salvaged from the gallery where my sister works, Lamington Drive. In terms of a process I often find that I think alot and when the idea is almost cooked I draw lots of little exploratory sketches, that often, noone can understand (see left).  It reminds me of this one project I did at uni where at the end of my presentation the tutor said "i know it's good- I just don't understand it."  *Sigh*

Like all good craftsmen I make sure all the details you can see look neat and tidy...

... And the rest is stuck together with sticky tape.  
God is in the detail?  Mmh Mies would definitely never have hired me on his projects...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sian!

    I remember having the same issues back in our old studio... nothing like putting up a divider to make the next time your opposite-desk-friend feel a little awkward... which i think may have been you at some stage? ..or maybe it was Amy.

    "so, i put up a divider, but not because I dont like you... its just.... i mean, we can still stand up and talk to each other yeah?"