03 November, 2010

Quirky Bird

I have recently been spending a lot of money on holidaying and general galavanting with little time to actually make money in between. But that has nothing to do with anything.  The point that I really want to make is that holidays are awesome because not only do they often mean you get to lie around and drink lots of cocktails but also because they provide such great fodder for creative projects.  

While I was up in Byron the other week I came across the most GORGEOUS little shop called Quirky Bird, run by an even more gorgeous woman called Karina. The shop not only stocks beautiful simple clothes but also this amazing array of Japanese  and Korean stationary. I literally went back twice in one day.  I am slightly obsessed with the perfection with which the Japanese craft their stationary and paper goods but when combined with Lomo cameras and a super sweet interior I was slightly unwilling to leave.  And it got me inspired to do a book binding course because I love making books and visual diaries (see the one above that I did for an essay on Japanese architecture at uni a couple of years back) but I don't really know what i am doing (like with most things though it doesn't stop me). And well getting that inspiration just makes the several hundred dollars I spent on a 4 day trip all just seem worth it.

Karina (behind the desk) is totally part of the sisterhood and we ended up talking non-stop for 2 hours straight. And we'd never met before.  She's this amazing creative force with incredible style and all the cool kids of Byron were coming in asking her about camera film and cool lomo camera bits and bobs, it was fabulous.

It took me so long to chose a new diary, but she was patient and she even wrapped it up in brown paper, Sound of Music style (just like i always do!).  *sigh* These things make me so happy. Julie Andrews was totally right.

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