31 August, 2010

The Eggs

Some friends of mine from Moop Jaw were working on a clip for the band The Holidays and asked me to help them out with some of the sets.  The song was called Golden Sky and the concept required some magical eggs to be made.  These eggs had to be large, smooth (so no papier mache...) with a marbled pattern on them and able to be sturdy enough to be pushed off the edge of a building.

Warren, the director cam up with the idea of using large polystyrene buoys, so we got to work making them into egg shapes.

Polystyrene, for those of you unaware of this, is a TOTAL nightmare to work with and I came out of our studio not only looking like the michelin man but also in hysterics about nothing, slightly high from the fumes. *sigh* Just another day in the office.

We decided that the best way to get marbling onto the polystyrene eggs was  to cover them in fabric.  Finding marbled stretch fabric wasn't the easiest of tasks when you have 3 hours before shooting but Cleggs came through with the goods and I stitched up the eggs in no time.

I really love the result and the psychadelic backgrounds Warren came up with.  The song is also really nice, you should have a listen if you haven't already...

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