31 August, 2010

Concrete Casting

Working for Janet McGaw has been such a great experience.  Not only is she an incredible 
architect and academic, but she is always working on a myriad of interesting projects.  Her latest residential project has been for a wonderful client and I have been lucky enough to work on this with her.  

The design focusses around a solid concrete wall with textures and patterns imprinted onto it's surface.  These imprints are markings that stem from the memory of the house, the place and the family that live there.  The above diagram shows how these imprints will be layered onto the concrete wall like sedimentary rock that has been cut through the earth.  The scale of each of these layers can be seen by the bricks to the left of the image.

In order to understand the tactile quality of the wall, I did a number of plaster tests using different materials (top image.)  I LOVED doing this work.  Getting my apron on and my hands dirty and mixing up plaster... it was the best fun i've ever had at work- hands down! 

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